Remember These

I am Julie, from Sidcup in Kent, 51, with one son, Josh who is 21. I live with my partner Fred (Dutch) in Spain and have done so since September 2003.

I started Linedancing at Temple Hillbillies with Karen Morgan and Barbara Clements in April 1996! First dance I think would of been Cowboy Strutt / Cowgirl Twist. I remember learning Honky Tonk Stomp and Black Coffee soon after with Hill Billy Rock Hill Billy Roll too and Louisiana Hot sauce. Before living in Spain, I first worked in London at PRS for Music (The Performing Right Society) as a Licensing Officer, then I was Gatwick based Cabin Crew for Air Europe.

Talk about a variety of works. I am UKDC qualified as a Dance Instructor but at the moment don’t have my own classes… only because “work” and “life” gets in the way! I run Costablanca apartments, an online Holiday apartment rentals company in Benidorm and have done so since 2006.

I also run, own and host my own LD events with my 2nd company, Linedance International. I do, always, two big events a year in Benidorm, always March and October, and I do various others in the UK and Holland during the year! Basically my life is chaotic and busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Organised is my middle name!

I love Linedancing, designing my websites and keeping them up to date weekly and reading a good book!

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